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     We provide employers with
     workforce planning, and hire of      apprentices and Advanced


Employers in the United Kingdom are looking for world’s best practice business models to ensure they have appropriately skilled staff for their future needs.

With so many changes to the marketplace, right now is the best possible time to assess where you want to take your business, evaluate your current human skills assets and decide how you will tackle potential future skills shortages.

MEGT (UK) Limited in partnership with Loughborough College has worked with businesses of every size in not only helping with workforce planning, but also in placing staff in businesses while those staff are also gaining their work-related qualification.

The way we source, recruit, labour hire and train staff for you is unique to the United Kingdom.

It is a client-driven model – not a process driven one. And has been tested and proven throughout Australia. The combination of labour hire of apprentices and advanced apprentices, along with a mix of workplace based and classroom vocational training means the people working in your business, learn first hand the way you want things done. It’s all very practical and the training is competency based.

It’s also low risk. If you run out of work for the apprentice – you hand them back to us.

We are the employer of the apprentice, so it is also low risk for them. We provide them with the continuity of work they need in order to achieve their qualification.

Our expertise is in the areas of: employment, vocational education, training, apprenticeships and traineeships.

In partnership with Loughborough College we can also help job seekers make themselves more employable, gain additional skills, find a job.

We can help existing workers gain additional skills.

And we can help students improve their life options through accredited qualifications.


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